What is Trip Tale?

Trip Tale is a travel platform that promotes an alternative approach to vacation planning that is not based on a destination, but on experience. Each person has an individual style of traveling and we want to make sure that the often little time during the year we spend on traveling is well spent and worth every single penny. This is why you can find here everything you need to make that decision – we offer a wide choice of very unique events, tours, activities, types of journeys, insightful articles, downloadable itineraries, and a trip finder questionnaire without any extra cost.

We encourage you to become a member of the alternative travel community and be the first to know about the most unforgettable experiences, extra promotions, exclusive travel coupons, and much more!


My name is Agnes and I’m the creator and the voice behind Trip Tale. I’ve lived in three countries in Europe so far and plan to continue exploring this magical continent from within in the next years. I’m passionate about traveling and as an anthropologist and entrepreneur, I strive to discover the cultural and social elements that make this place so incredible and forge my discoveries into a functioning trip planning system. 

Being on the spectrum of autism I’ve always struggled with the social aspects of traveling and moving around. Realizing that not every place may be feasible for me to visit, I began to create travel plans without focusing on the specific destination, but rather on the circumstances, things to do, the setting, the surroundings – all the elements that build our travel experiences and make them unforgettable and pleasant. 

Join me on that journey, share with me your struggles or things you seek beyond a pin on the map and let’s revolutionize the travel industry to suit our own personal desires and needs! 


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