11 most amazing amusement parks theme hotels in Europe

The travel industry emerges every year with new ways to enjoy the holidays and keep the stay as interesting as possible. While there are hundreds of theme parks across Europe to visit any day of the week, some of them went one step ahead and created theme hotels that accompany their park experience.

Guests can experience unique meals, rooms, and activities that go over and beyond the usual stay. I invite you to read on as we present the most unique stays while visiting the most interesting entertainment parks in Europe.

Phantasialand, Germany

The theme park was originally opened to the public in 1967 as a family entertainment park and ever since perfected in every way to provide the most intense and thrilling rides, accompanied by magically prepared theme areas that’ll take you to a completely different world. 

Phantasialand is located in the German city of Brühl, short of an hour from borders with Netherlands and Belgium – making it an excellent stopping point during central Europe’s exploration trips.

The park has 6 main theme areas that include China Town, African savannah, 20th century Berlin, Mystery – a medieval village, Mexico and Fantasy.

Each area is designed in its specific style with great attention to detail – from stones on the sidewalk, through theme cafes and restaurants with delicious (also themed!) foods & drinks, all the way through street lamps and architecture. 

The park has plenty of things to do – from walking exploration, shopping, eating, and drinking to the crazy rides Phantasialand is known for.

There are seven rollercoasters in total, including the world’s fastest multi-launch rollercoaster located in the Mystery theme. Taron ride is an intense, brutally exciting experience that is an absolute must-do when visiting Phantasialand.

The remaining six rollercoasters are located within different theme areas and include inverted rollercoasters, a crazy mine train ride, launched flying rollercoaster, a steel family boomerang, dueling spinning rides, and an indoor rollercoaster experience with the addition of virtual reality. 

Taron rollercoaster, photo phantasialand.de

Besides the insanely awesome crazy rides, there are several attractions that are slightly more tamed, yet still a lot of fun. With a couple of exciting water rides, thrill rides, dark ride tours, and everything else including theme carousels there is no way to be bored in Phantasialand.

Having a full-on park experience includes of course staying there for a night or two in one of the three hotels attached to the venue. 

Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Hotel Charles Lindbergh reception, photo phantasialand.de

This steampunk-style establishment will definitely sweep you off the second you walk through the entrance portal. The hotel offers a full-on experience starting at 399 EUR per night for two people that includes:

  • Tickets for the entire park for two days, 
  • Exclusive access to the hotel premises, 
  • A three-course meal and breakfast in a fantasy-theme restaurant 
  • Private entrance to the park, 
  • Speed boarding Flying Coach Coaster, 
  • Exclusive access to the bar set up in the 20s and of course – 
  • An incredible night in one of the hotel’s aeronauts cabin

The hotel’s absolute unique design and adventures await at every corner making it an unforgettable and must-have experience. The staff makes great efforts into creating an authentic experience for the guests.

Be prepared for stepping into a completely different world and having a chance to explore it as an exclusive member of the Explorers Society!

Hotel Matamba

Setup in a warm and beautiful African landscape this hotel is a fantastic exotic getaway from crude German surroundings.

With the award-winning theme park gastronomy, this pace will take you on a fantastic adventure with an amazing culinary safari. It includes African barbecue, honey-sweet desserts, and a delicious fresh breakfast included in the price.

The hotel stay buys you the passes and private entrance to the park, exclusive speed access for the selected attractions, parking free of charge, and of course one of a kind accommodation.

The theme suites and safari rooms take you on a magical journey through the wild continent with the original African craftsmanship elements, incredible decorations, and safari vibes. 

Hotel Matamba outdoor space, photo phantasialand.de

Hotel Ling Bao

The last establishment on the list is taking its guests on relaxed and peaceful travel through Asia. Located in the China Town theme area, the hotel took design inspiration from a variety of elements in rich Asian culture.

Clean, simple, and elegant rooms, the incredible culinary experiences with breakfast included in the price of the stay, exclusive access to the park attractions and day tickets are just a few of the benefits that await you at Ling Bao.

To complement your stay and the park experience, you can relax and unwind at hotels’ private pools (outdoor and indoor) and take advantage of Chinese, Thai, and Balinese legendary SPA treatments at the premises. 

Hotel Ling Bao restaurant, photo phantasialand.de

Portaventura, Spain

Portaventura is one of the biggest and most versatile entertainment-theme parks in Europe and it’s located by the beautiful Spanish south coast just outside of exciting Barcelona.

The park has six different theme areas, each with its own design, rides, food, and a hotel – Polynesia, China, Far West, Mediterrania, Mexico, and Sesame Aventura.

The list of attractions and things to do is endless, so let’s focus on the absolute highlights of the place: 

  • Europe’s fastest roller coaster
  • Ferrari Land
  • Beloved muppets from Sesame Street strolling the streets
  • 175m2 Mayan maze labirynth
  • Grand Canyon water ride 
  • Caribe Aquatic Park 
  • Seasonal events include fireworks, dance & music & magic shows, fiestas, and much more!

Now, let’s talk about accommodation. As mentioned each area has its own adjacent hotel in the respective theme, making it six options for a magical stay.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to know more about the very best three that truly are worth spending the extra bucks. 

Hotel Mansión de Lucy

Hotel Mansion de Lucy lobby, photo portaventuraworld.com

For all the fans of the luxury travel experience and unique design, this is the place. The five-star establishment is located in the Far West area of the part and features the elegant Victorian style in every corner of the hotel.

This place is swirling with attractions beyond the exclusive access to the entire park and gorgeous rooms. Enjoy this high-end stay with the top service of the staff, gaming area, pool area, and beach access, massage service, and indoor gym. The price for all that and more starts with 295EUR/per room for 2-4 people. 

The cherry on top of the luxurious stay is the hotel’s charming bar and a fantastic restaurant with international cuisine and gluten-free food options. 

Hotel Colorado Creek

Hotel Colorado Creek entry, photo portaventuraworld.com

Another place is also inspired by the Far West theme, it is much more in the Wild West game than the previous option. With a variety of room price options starting with 134EUR/per room for 204 people, Colorado Creek has everything you need to unwind from the exciting adventures of the entertainment park.

Starting with a delicious buffet restaurant, accompany your relaxation time with a Lounge bar – or Lake bar if you feel like spending time in the outdoor space with great views – gaming area, pool area, massage services, Beach Club facilities, or an indoor gym. Of course, your stay includes unlimited access to the entire Portaventura, exclusive access to several attractions, and a delicious breakfast buffet. 

Hotel El Paso

Hotel El Paso pool area, photo portaventuraworld.com

This Mexican-styled theme hotel is a perfect place for families with kids who appreciate Woody & Friends room decor and authentic, delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. El Paso establishment offers a huge variety of attractions that’ll complete your exploration journey through Portaventura.

The hotel features three different bars (that’s for the adults though.. you guys deserve proper time-off), a buffet, a la carte restaurant, gaming area, adult and children’s pool, outdoor jacuzzi, Ferrari Land access, Portaventura tickets, and of course the amazing Mexican style design throughout the entire place!

Starting with 130EUR/per night for 2-4 people, you can visit a little piece of El Paso and enjoy every attraction of Portaventura! 

Disneyland, France 

The most incredible entertainment park created in the spirit of the magical world created by Walt Disney known to everyone on this planet does not need a big introduction.

Despite the raging popularity around the world, the incredible Disney-theme hotel attached to the park does deserve a proper tribute.

Currently, this fantastic establishment is going through a magical renovation to incorporate a new theme into the place. The changes will include a whole new wing of the hotel in the spirit of the biggest Disney Princess classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, and Rapunzel.

It makes it the most exciting time yet to be to discover the most incredible entertainment park world!

Artists concept 2021, Disney Enterprise, inc

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West Midland Safari Park, England

Are you a huge fan of animals but would rather skip the zoo’s for something a little bit less big cat in a small cage grotesque? Are you looking for adventure?

Do you wish to have a taste of Savannah without leaving the continent? Do you want to see an animatronic full-sized dinosaur?

Well, besides fantastic taste, you got yourself a perfect trip idea!

Check out an amazing world of exotic animals of over 140 species, amazing aquariums, Reptile World, and over 20 fantastic rides in the West Midland Safari theme Park. From the smallest adventure seekers to the bravest, biggest adrenaline junkies – every person will find little something for themselves here.

Full-sized dinosaur display, photo wmsp.co.uk

Safari lodges

Cheetah safari lodge, photo safari-lodges.co.uk

To top off this exciting stay featuring the incredible animal world, enjoy sleeping in one of the unique safari lodges that grant you an extraordinary animal encounter experience.

That’s right – you can choose to wake up and enjoy your breakfast right beside a rhino, red panda, elephant, giraffe, cheetah, or tiger.

The beautiful design and tranquility of the rooms are nothing compared to watching these beautiful animals right next to your bed (through the glass though, you’re safe) and having a glimpse of their routine and behaviors. 

Asterix Park, France

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely…

One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. Ever wanted to be a part of a great adventure? Then hop on a train, car, plane, or donkey and join Asterix and Obelix in a glorious mission to resist the Roman legions.

Seven absolutely thrilling rollercoasters for the bravest warriors, twenty-two rides for the whole family, and thirteen other attractions for the smallest Gauls.

Theme restaurants will serve nicely after the battlefield of adventure with international cuisines to choose from. With fantastic shows each evening including parades, fireworks, magic shows, and much more you won’t have a single minute of boredom here.

To top of that experience, stay in one of the three amazingly designed accommodations within the park, increasing your chances of meeting Asterix or Obelix on one of their quests. 

The Hanging City

Cite Suspendue Hotel, photo parcasterix.fr

The authentic Celtic sleeping experience gives you the opportunity to connect with the surrounding nature as well as have an authentic theme experience. In the spirit of protecting the fauna and flora of the place, the hamlets were built on stilts.

Enjoy this amazing forest experience with the comfort of the fully-equipped room and a terrace or a balcony to still feel the presence of nature. Don’t worry, the park is just around the corner! 

The Three Owls

Trois Hilboux Hotel, photo parcasterix.fr

Another establishment that allows the guests to enjoy the nature around them and a forest theme inside.

The hotel features a charming lounge with a fireplace for a cozy evening and an outdoor bar serving the best magical potion in the entire Gaul. It may look like a regular cocktail, but it’s definitely a magic potion. 

Les Quais De Lutèce

Quais De Lutece, photo parcasterix.fr

The absolute creme de la creme of Gaelic heritage. The most incredible establishment build to represent the city of Lutèce, the Gallo-Roman town run by the Gaelic tribe called Parisii.

It is no mystery that the modern city of Paris stands on the same grounds that once flourished the historic settlement of Lutèce.

In the spirit of that story, take the opportunity to go back in time and explore the incredible village in the heart of Gael, walking by the Seine and learning about the Roman style of living. 

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