Island climbing adventure

The beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca is known for many things – narrow pebbled streets, charming villages, luxurious infinity pools, remarkable beaches, and fantastic weather. People from all around the world go there every year to relax and enjoy island bliss. How about a true sports adventure exploring off-beaten tracks and magical spots of Mallorca? … Read more

Mountain bike tour in Spain

Your journey begins in the magical town of Oviedo, where you spend your first night. The 7-day trail takes you through the famous ancient path to Santiago the Compostela, taken so often by pilgrims and travelers from around the world. Local food, mountainous landscape, and spectacular views are just a few of the pleasures that … Read more

Volunteer with turtles, Greece

A beautiful combination of exploring beautiful shores of Greece, immersing in Mediterranean culture and contributing to preserving one of the endangered species of the world and actively saving them. At your availability on site, there are numerous town excursions, kayaking, hiking, eating, sightseeing and so much more. If you’re looking for a unique experience, exploring … Read more

Paragliding tour, Spain

This trip is for those hungry for an adventure, learning something new while flying over up to 10 most beautiful spots in Spain. Under careful eye of a professional instructor, you can fly in a tandem or solo (after few lessons of course!). The journey begins in Algodonales – a picturesque land south of Spain. … Read more

Surfing tour, Portugal

Portugal is a surfing sweet spot of Europe, luring sports fans with amazing food, affordable prices and waves reaching 20m along the coast. It happens often that the unpredictability of the weather can affect an often short vacation time intended for spending it on the board. Truck surf hotel step up and solved that problem … Read more

Lucca, Italy

Often unrecognized gem on the Italian map, once capital of Tuscany and home of Giacomo Puccini, Lucca is a charming town with a fascinating history carved into its thick walls. Less crowded than more popular cities in Italy it embraces a relaxed atmosphere and local traditions. Enjoy breathing ancient air filled with the scent of … Read more

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is a small Swiss village tightly fitted in the picturesque mountain landscape. Over the years it earned a title of one of the top luxury ski and hiking spot hubs worldwide. Completely car-less town goes above and beyond when it comes to treating its visitors with variety of attractions and things to do – … Read more