Spring In Europe: Offbeat Destinations For A Unique Travel Experience

The middle of the European summer can be challenging for frequent travelers. The heat waves make it much harder to discover new areas – not to mention the biggest crowds during the year.

How about a refreshing spring break in the depths of European wonders? YES!

With the high interest in July and August, spring vacations seem perfect. You can explore and uncover new and exciting places without worrying about heat or overbooked attractions.

Let’s dive right into the most underrated places in Europe and begin our adventure!

Innsbruck, Austria

The magnificent mountain hub in Austria is a frequent destination for winter vacations each year. During the spring Innsbruck blossoms with natural wonders of extraordinary nature and views.

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, where modern mountain leisure meets historical town. Visitors can enjoy mountain activities throughout the year. The city also offers a lively atmosphere and fascinating landmarks.

Whenever you need a break from breathtaking mountain views, you can always go back to town and enjoy its remarkable history.

underrated places in Europe
Zugspitze mountain panorama in Austria

Must do’s in Innsbruck

My favorite go-to places are, of course, natural landscapes. The area is packed with options for a variety of visitors. Want to enjoy a picnic at the bottom of the mountain? Done. Care to swim in the lake surrounded by pieces and green hills? No problem. Looking for a challenging hike, bike ride, or run through a natural bliss? That’s your place.

Let’s get to the practical information. Where to find all the best things to do around Innsbruck?

1. Hafelekar Peak – this is where you can find the highest viewpoint over 2256 over the sea in the area. The nordkettenbahnen cable car will take you to the top from the center of Innsbruck in just 20 minutes. From that point on you can either begin your hike, watch the breathtaking panorama or enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

2. Mountain Lakes – make sure you visit the most magical lakes of Europe for a quick hike and refreshing swim – Mutterberger See, Achensee, Blaue Lacke, and Krimml Waterfalls. These places do not attract too big crowds during the spring, which makes them perfect for a relaxing day trip.

HOT TIP: Even though the area is connected via public transport, for the lake exploration I definitely recommend renting a car for a day or two. Also, with all the remarkable spots on the way, you can always stop to take pictures and enjoy the views!

3. River Inn – a picturesque river going through the city definitely requires a walking tour. The name of the city means in fact “the bridge on the river Inn”. While passing the colorful buildings of Innsbruck, you can continuously immerse in the mountain beauty and clear water of the river.

4. History glimpse – start your journey in the old town to get a feel for the city’s medieval past. Make sure to explore the Hofburg Imperial Palace to get a glimpse of the Habsburg family’s luxurious lifestyle. Historic sites such as the Golden Roof and the Cathedral of St. James will give you a sense of Innsbruck’s rich past.

More things to do in Innsbruck:

Where to stay in Innsbruck

Our top pick for the location is a fabulous Altstadthotel Weißes Kreuz hotel – a historical hotel from 1465 that back in 1769 hosted one of the most famous classical composers in the world, Wolfgang Mozart.

The central location of this magnificent building offers its guests close proximity to everything the city offers – as well as the most amazing landmarks in the region.

underrated places in Europe

Samothrace, Greece

If you ever dreamt of going back in time and discovering a greek island still untouched by tourism, now is the time to live the dream!

Samothraki, the small isolated diamond of the Aegean sea is an absolutely perfect spot for mountain and nature lovers who enjoy the ambient atmosphere and gorgeous beaches nearby.

If you too look for undiscovered paths and hidden diamonds, like myself, this is the place to go.

Besides the must-see natural pools of Vathres, make sure you explore the unspoiled greek village of Chora where no time has passed and the greek food is even greekier. And that’s just a tip of the fun iceberg of things to do in Samothrace!

underrated places in Europe

Must do’s in Samothrace

From ancient temples to unspoiled beaches, Samothrace has its own unique charm that can only be discovered by taking a little extra time to explore. Here are a couple of the most unexpected and hidden things to do while vacationing on the Greek island of Samothrace.

1. Uncover Ancient Ruins – Delve into Samothrace’s past at the ancient archaeological site of Sesklion. Here you can explore the magnificent remains of a great city – and its mysteries. Make sure to bring a camera to capture this incredible sight.

2. Go snorkeling – Samothrace’s waters are famous for their crystal clarity. Make sure to equip a snorkeling mask and discover a beautiful underwater world. The sea around the island is quite peaceful, so the conditions for snorkeling are perfect!

3. Take a Boat Trip – Sail around the beautiful coastlines of Samothrace and explore the many hidden coves, isolated beaches, and quaint fishing villages. Be sure to bring a picnic and enjoy a romantic meal on the water! Try a local company that organizes boat tours such as Samothraki Cruises.

4. Sanctuary of the Great Gods – It’s believed that this mysterious landmark was once the meeting place of the gods like Aphrodite and Zerynthia. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fascinating place to experience the sacred energy of ancient Gods.

Where to stay in Samothrace

To fully enjoy this magical stay, we highly recommend choosing Samothraki Beach Apartments and Suites Hotel. One of the very few hotels on the island will give you the opportunity to keep a little piece of modern heaven on this wild terrain.

underrated places in Europe
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Colico Piano, Italy

Right in the middle of one of the trendiest spots in North of Italy, find yourself in the middle of nowhere – right on the edge of Italian paradise.

Lake Como has everything and more to offer to its visitors and it’s just around the corner from this magical accommodation.

Cuddled close to the famous lake is a little place called Colico Piano. It’s a unique part of the impressive collection of spots surrounding Como.

If you’re looking for a special spot with its own spirit and hidden paths – this is it.

underrated places in Europe

Must do’s in Colico Piano

The area of Colico Piano offers a plethora of experiences; from romantic sunset strolls, through natural wonders of Italy all the way to adventures waiting at every corner.

1. Exploring the taste of the region – take a walk in the charming city of Bellagio and taste fresh homemade pasta at La Lanterna Bellagio.

2. Magnificent views – whenever it’s the right time to walk on the Como hills and enjoy the spectacular views, take the cable car going right across the lake from Como city to Brunate.

3. Following history’s steps – make sure to check out the ancient fortress of Colico Piano, and explore its fascinating history and architecture.

4. Time for sports – besides the wide selection of water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing visitors can also take adventurous tours on the nearby mountains. The highlight is a bike ride along the trails of the Valtellina Wine Route, and sampling some of the area’s best wines.

More things to do in the area:

Where to stay in Colico Piano

The region has endless possibilities and things to do – and the charming forest house in Colico Piano is your rustic escape from the crowds and mainstream hotels in the area.

Since it’s located high above the lake it gives incredible views of the region while providing a tranquil atmosphere and seclusion.

Try one of the most unique accommodations in Europe and enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer.

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Asturias, Spain

Asturias is definitely one of the lesser-known regions in Spain, the unconquered jewel of the North.

Its unique landscape consists of a green field mountain region with picturesque lakes as well as gorgeous beaches bathing in turquoise waters.

The fascinating history of the region shaped an excellent and unique cuisine, beautiful old towns such as Oviedo or Gijon, and gorgeous hiking trails.

The region of Asturias is full of unique and beautiful landscapes. The Picos de Europa, a mountain range stretching from Asturias to León and Galicia, is a hiker’s paradise. The coastline of Asturias is studded with pristine beaches and dramatic cliffs, with many excellent places to explore.

Asturias is also known for its delicious cuisine, which combines influences from both the mountain and the sea. Many of the most popular dishes in the region include grilled fish, clams, and paella.

The capital of Asturias, Oviedo, is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Try out some of the specialty restaurants such as Casa de Fruta and Bar el Pescadero for some of the best seafood dishes in Europe.

Visit the tropical-looking Buelna beach for an unforgettable coast experience and hike across the Dinosaur coast and Parque Nacional Picos de Europa.

underrated places in Europe

Must do’s in Asturias

Come springtime, the region of Asturias is a wonderland of lush landscapes and vibrant colors. In this season, the region is full of life, with wildflowers blooming, green hills rolling as far as the eye can see, and misty mountains rising in the distance.

From the beaches and cliffs of the coast to the deep forests of the interior, Asturias is a land of captivating beauty.

1. Tropics in Europe – if you’re looking for an exotic beach experience, paradise awaits at Buelna beach. Gorgeous spot with fine white sand and picturesque rocks surrounding the crystal clear waters.

2. Going back in time – get a glimpse of Asturias’ history by visiting some of its many monuments and castles. These range from the picture-perfect Castillo de Valderrábano to the Caxigal Sanabria, a symbol of Asturias’ past.

3. Nature’s calling – explore the lush green pathways of Cabárceno Natural Park. Not only did this park get its World UNESCO Heritage Site status in 2018, but it is also home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Asturias.

4. Time to hike – admire the stunning Asturian Mountain Range. This remarkable range is one of the most distinctive landscapes in the area. Take the time to visit its majestic peak, Peñas Tuertas.

More things to do in Asturias:

Where to stay in Asturias

Our top choice accommodation for Asturias is a charming house separated from the region’s cities. With incredible views of the mountains and the sea which you can enjoy from your own private hot tub on the porch.

The house has everything and more to offer for an unforgettable stay including a gorgeous design and modern amenities.

Although secluded, it provides an excellent location for discovering the entire region.

Tip: Make sure to get there by car as there are no convenient public transportation routes in the area.

underrated places in Europe

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