Most unique romantic travel ideas in Europe

Europe is definitely one of the most romantic travel destinations you can find. The variety of landscape, beautiful history, rich cultural scene, amore on every corner in every shape and form.

Whether you’re from here or coming from a far away land, there are plenty of things to discover in a fun and romantic way. Check out this guide for planning the most unique vacations for you and your beloved one!

Romantic picnic spots in Europe


Beautiful Etretat cliff picnic spot in Normandy.
Photo by Lynn Vdbr on Unsplash

The rich natural variety of the South of France makes it a beautiful romantic travel destination, with plenty of amazing attractions and gorgeous views – making it also a truly magical spot for a picnic.

Since the coastline is very diverse, you can find here sand beaches, rock formations, and beautiful cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. One of the unique spots, simply perfect for a romantic outdoor picnic are Etretat cliffs in upper Normandy. 

What to take with you on a picnic in France?

You simply can’t go wrong with fresh baguette, local wine or champagne, Camembert or Livarot cheese, and Brasillé – a traditional French buttery pastry. 


Beautiful picnic spot in Blatten, Switzerland
Photo by Joao Branco on Unsplash

A classic mountainous landscape in the heart of the Alps is a wonderful spot for a romantic picnic.

Whether you are an active hiking duo or enjoying more relaxed vacations in picturesque Switzerland, eating out by the glorious nature without anyone else in sight guarantees a magical experience.

One of many magical spots is alongside a gorgeous mountain river in Lotschental, just outside of the lovely town of Blatten. 

What to take with you on a picnic in Switzerland?

Stop by any supermarket in the area and try several kinds of cheese in small packets, bread, sausages, fresh grapes, and cherry tomatoes.

Keep in mind that the food quality in Switzerland is truly remarkable in comparison to other European countries. No matter what you choose out of these snacks, it will truly be wonderful. 

Grilling in Switzerland 

There are plenty of grilling and fire spots across the Swiss Alps, usually with benches around to increase the comfort of your picnic.

It is highly recommended to use preexisting spots to reduce our impact on the environment. However since there are so many of them, especially within the more breathtaking areas, you won’t have to look far for them. 


Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee, is a beautiful natural body of water binding together Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

With plenty of swimming spots, lake-side bars, and restaurants, green fields there is one very special place to have a picnic at.

How do you feel about renting a small boat in one of the many rental units across the lake and having your lunch, essentially in three countries at the same time? That is the way to romance the heck of your trip! 

What to take with you on a picnic in Germany?

You’ll definitely find a lot of culinary delicacies in the region around lake Constance. The best way to enjoy the picnic is to combine several items that the area is known for to have an authentic experience.

Some of the best regional foods will be ST. Gallen bratwurst, Seele – the baguette-like pastry of the Upper Swabia region, traditional cheeses from local farms, Lake Constance wines, or Swiss chocolate. All the delicious options can be found on every corner of the lake and can guarantee an unforgettable boat picnic experience!

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Romantic event


How about enjoying a beautiful musical concert in a strange land with your loved one? Not only it is an exciting addition to your travel itinerary, but also an amazing way to meet and party with the locals, but it can also make an unforgettable experience for your significant. 

If you’re looking for an incredible gift surprise for your loved ones, how about surprising them with tickets and a planned trip? 


Europe offers plenty of theme festival options celebrating all kinds of historical events, local traditions, culture, music, food, drinks, and much more!

Guarantee an incredibly fun experience getting to know the region you’re visiting and enjoying yourself with your partner in a completely different setting!

Starting with the beautiful flower festival in France, through various wine festivals in Germany, cheese events, fantastic creatures theme parties, medieval fairs, 80s events all the way to dance and music festivals all around Europe! 


Looking to experience time travel during your trip? An elegant, classic, decadent, out-of-this-world experience prompting the visitors to present their most dashing selves can be a fantastic couple experience you’ll remember forever.

One of the highlights of these shows will definitely be an Opera in Verona – during the summer you can enjoy an evening of the classics in an ancient amphitheater in the open air, surrounded by history.  


Romantic SPA stay

Let’s be real for a second here. Most of us work and face daily life struggles throughout the majority of the year – and we do deserve to unwind once in a while.

How about enjoying a beautiful SPA weekend with your loved ones and pampering yourself with gorgeous views, exciting foreign land, and the absolute best wellness service? Here are a few of our recommendations for the most exciting, top-level SPA stays in Europe:

1. Lake Garda, Italy

This adult-only beautiful establishment is one of the most unique stays by the gorgeous Garda lake you can find. This incredibly luxurious design hotel promises the absolute best service you can get and anything you need to make your stay more special and romantic. 

2. Kos Island, Greece

Another adult-only design hotel (sensing a theme? Kids are great, but enjoying a couple of days only with your partner, without your or other people’s children running around is what we all need) is beautifully situated on Kos island – away from noisy town but still within walking distance.

The service is absolutely impeccable, as well as the wellness services, giant pool area, and the highlight of this place, the food – possibly the very best breakfast buffet I have ever tried. 

3. Uløya Island, Norway

Last but not least, a truly romantic stay on Uløya island in Norway. Panoramic views of the sea and mountains are truly breathtaking, not to mention the Northern Lights you can watch from your room at night.

The wellness facilities include everything you can think of starting with fitness classes, personal trainers through professional body massages all the way to beauty treatments, and jacuzzi access. To truly get a sense of real love and serenity, enjoy alone time in your own private sauna attached to your unit. 

Sleeping under the stars

A beautiful combination of natural serenity, beautiful views, and high-speed internet – for all glamping enthusiasts, this is the place to be. 

You can relax at the swimming pool or a hot tub on the premise or take the more active approach and explore the area on foot, on a bicycle, or on a less mainstream form of transport – a donkey.

If that’s not enough… how about watching the stars from your own bed with your significant other? 

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Latino dancing in Spain 

Latin music is beautiful and popular around the world expression of passion and incredible energy. The dance moves are sensual and exciting and can create very unique moments between two people – as if the whole world stopped for those few seconds.

Dancing can be a very intimate and fun experience for a couple, even so if you do that during a magical trip to the country that brought us Latino culture!

You don’t find yourself as much of a dancer? That’s ok! Just grab your partner, hold them close and let your body follow the music.

You don’t have to be professional to enjoy the experience – and you can always look around at other dancers for inspiration! There are several places throughout entire Spain we can highly recommend for a romantic night out in each other’s arms:

Are you traveling through Spain and can’t find a decent Latino dancing spot? Message Trip Tale through the Contact Form – we will help you out!

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