Most unique picnic & camping gadgets to have in 2023

The outdoor spaces can be enjoyed pretty much all year round – whether it’s hot, cold, windy, or dry (with extreme exceptions of course!).

Being among nature it’s an extremely fun experience, and much more budget-friendly than staying in a hotel. Nevertheless, there are many extremely cool travel gadgets for a picnic and camping that are worth investing in to make that time extra special.

This list contains funny, practical, cozy, and comfy travel gadgets, essential during your trip. They are definitely budget friendly and solid. Moreover, they have the highest reviews and are easily portable.

Most importantly – these items come from top manufacturers – reliable, communicative, and trustworthy. They are not above quick replacement should the product be faulty. That’s exactly what we need when putting out hard-earned cash! 

Picnic blanket 

The sweet combination of practical, portable, soft, comfy, and stylish – the holy grail of picnic blankets. Naturally, during a camping or hiking trip, it can be used to keep warm during cold nights or taken to the beach for relaxation time by the sea.

The blanket comes with several cooler options, is water and sand-proof, and has a built-in dashing leather handle. 

picnic blanket with built in holder

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Outdoor wine glasses 

Spending time outdoors, whether high in the mountains, by the lake, beach, or forestry area, once you find that perfect picturesque location it can be daunting to have a drink and relax in the little piece of heaven you just found.

If you don’t have picnic equipment with you, it can be tough to use regular or plastic glasses for a sturdy drinking experience. If you’re looking for a fun and portable glass – here’s what you need!

A spiked glass you can place on any soft surface without risking spillage. It also works in a pool, as the buddle design will keep the glass at the surface.

Outdoor wine glass with a spike

Stainless steel Wine Glasses

Looking for a sturdier option for a portable wine glass? Introducing our very top choice of ours – stainless steel glasses with lids!

They come in both wine glass and regular glass shapes and a variety of cute colors. Very durable, gorgeous, and easily portable these bad boys make an excellent addition to outdoor travel equipment. 

Stainless steel wine glass with a lid

Swiss army knife

An absolute travel classic and a borderline cliche, this item is as useful and practical as advertised.

The very best part besides a simple design and portable size is the selection of tools. You can basically choose any combination you need or find the most functional from your point of view.

Since the price increases the more tools you have in your Swiss army knife, by reducing the tools you know you won’t need you are also saving money on your purchase. A great and classy choice for every traveler that will also make an awesome gift! 

Picnic Tray  

When dining outdoors, it’s not always comfortable or hygienic to eat from the ground level. To protect your food from any insects and allow you to actually enjoy your meal without crouching, try this budget-friendly and awesome picnic tray!

Including a place for a wine bottle and glasses, it can be a handy gadget for all kinds of outdoor picnic experiences – or when you wish to spend a romantic evening by the fireplace and a handy snack tray.

The tray is easily portable so you can take it anywhere with your backpack with no issue!

Wooden picnic tray

Looking for a simpler picnic or snack tray alternative? This is our second-best recommendation for a bit smaller tray that has practical separators built in for a perfect snack presentation:

Small wooden picnic and snack tray

Picnic backpack set 

If you’re taking a professional and serious approach toward outdoor fine dining and want to make a full-on experience, this picnic backpack set is definitely for you.

Very reasonably priced considering the high quality of the items inside, this gorgeous set contains durable picnic dishes, cutlery, glasses, a cutting board, and napkins. The backpack itself is designed entirely for the purpose of outdoor picnics.

Durable materials, a special wine pocket, a smart design for holding all the picnic items, and lots of space for the food make it the very best choice and an amazing gift idea for any outdoor & food-loving person! 

travel gadget for picnic backpack set

Portable Lounger 

It is a pretty safe assumption that people who go camping and spend a lot of time outdoors are active and take a lot of joy in moving around and seeing places.

However – even the biggest adventure junkies need a proper relaxation or power nap once in a while.

Presenting the ultimate portable, outdoor lounger. Taking little to no space you can take it everywhere you go and easily inflate it when needed. How about a quick nap breathing the mountain air, or tanning on the beach on the lounge instead of a towel on the ground?  

Inflatable outdoor portable lounger

Travel expresso maker

My absolute favorite item on the list and the possibly best money ever spent on Amazon. This is only for real espresso and cool gadget lovers that enjoy their favorite coffee while traveling.

It is definitely on the more pricey side than other items on the list, however for everyone who really loves sipping real espresso out in the wild, it’s very reasonable and worth it.

You can use both grounded coffee beans or Nespresso capsules to use the coffee maker, giving you the opportunity to take with you whatever coffee type that you drink on the daily basis you know and love.

Besides the obvious practicality of this item, the small size and classic design make it an even better addition to the vacation packing list!

Travel gadget portable espresso maker

Romantic picnic lights

When being outdoors, hiking, dining, or simply enjoying a peaceful night in nature, creating a cozy atmosphere can make the experience even more magical. These solar-powered lights are an excellent and environmentally-friendly way to light up the evening and create a gorgeous setting.

Very easy to use, and can be used to decorate trees, bushes, grass, a house, or a garden. Since the lights are being charged by the sun during the day, there is no need for changing the battery or charging the lights.

Simply put them on any surface surrounding your night-out setting and enjoy the magic!

Beautiful outdoor camping picnic solar-powered lights

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