Most unique travel ideas for movie lovers

One of the great and magical purposes of our journeys is to discover new places. The element of surprise and wild exploration is daunting but doesn’t limit the wonders of traveling. 

What if we can make the incredible world trapped in the TV box a reality? What if we can combine the passion for traveling with the magical world of our beloved films and TV shows? Now that, is exhilarating. 

Follow us on a journey through Europe to discover the most unique experiences and travel ideas for movie lovers. 

Movie set accommodations

Finding the right accommodation can be tough if we’re looking for something more than just a bed and four walls. The character of the place we stay during our trip becomes a significant part of our travel experience. 

The rooms we come back to after a day of exploration often set the tone of our stay. It’s safe to say that accommodation can make a huge difference. 

Sometimes, to make the trip extra special we crave a very unique accommodation that will be a crucial part of our experience. 

As a huge movie lover, I know for a fact there are incredibly unique places to stay that often make the sightseeing part obsolete. 

Cinema Hotel, Paris

Hotel Paradiso combines a beautiful interior design with an authentic movie theatre experience. 

Beautifully designed, Paradiso is the first cinema hotel in the world. Every room is equipped with a high-quality video projector and a big screen. 

It is designed to fulfill every fantasy of a true film lover. Including an open-air rooftop screening spot, overlooking the city of love. Paris is big on rooftops, but this one is truly one of a kind. 

Take a whiff of authentic cinema life and join the adventure at the one and only cinema hotel. 

Sip a glass of champagne in the comfort of your suite revisiting old classics or exploring new releases. No time like the present!

Photo Hotel Paradiso

Hotel of 007, Estoril 

The fantastic adventures of James Bond were filmed in many places in Europe. One of the most fabulous is definitely Estoril. 

This gorgeous town is located just outside of Lisbon, on an ocean shoreline. The cast of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” stayed in the luxurious Palacio Estoril Hotel when shooting in 1968. 

Besides this incredible hotel, the legendary scenes in the film were shot at Guincho beach, the streets of Lisbon, and Arrábida Mountain. 

The hotel also organizes James Bond theme parties – make sure to join these for an extra authentic experience! 

Photo Hotel Palacio Estoril

Harry Potter’s room, London

Georgian House Hotel is an extremely cozy 19th-century establishment located in an exciting part of London. Several rooms are fully dedicated to the wizards that walk among us. 

The chambers can be accessed through a portrait-lined mysterious passageway. The entire Hogwart dormitories look will take you on an incredible journey through the world of magic. 

Complete the experience with the three-course magic afternoon tea and potion-making in the evening!

Photo Georgian House Hotel

Ice Hotel, Helsinki 

In the cold, mysterious icy chambers of Lapland the phrase “Winter is coming” takes a whole new meaning. Each year the incredible Ice Hotel in Helsinki is rebuilt from scratch. 

It opens only during the winter season when the temperatures are low enough to hold the construction. 

Each year the hotel announces its theme during autumn. We may see the theme of Game of Thrones for the third time in a row, or a completely new exciting world covered in Icy decor. 

Stay tuned for this year’s theme and get ready for the winter adventure of a lifetime!

Photo Ice Hotel Snow Village

Asterix and Obelix Entertainment Park, Plailly

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely…

One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. 

Ever wanted to be a part of a great adventure? Then hop on a train, car, plane, or donkey and join Asterix and Obelix in a glorious mission to resist the Roman legions.

Stay in Quais de Luette, The absolute creme de la creme of Gaelic heritage. The most incredible establishment build to represent the city of Lutèce, the Gallo-Roman town run by the Gaelic tribe called Parisii.

It is no mystery that the modern city of Paris stands on the same grounds that once flourished the historic settlement of Lutèce.

In the spirit of that story, take the opportunity to go back in time and explore the incredible village in the heart of Gael, walking by the Seine and learning about the Roman style of living. 

Quais De Lutece, photo

Travel experiences for movie lovers 

Travel projector

Many say that watching TV during holidays is a waste of time. They say one should spend all the time on exploration rather than doing what one can do at home. 

I don’t agree. Vacation time is whatever we want it to be. And traveling to new places and magical spots where we can also enjoy watching beloved movies can be done. And should be done – if that’s what your heart desires. 

Check out this magnificent piece of equipment, a must-have traveler kit for movie lovers. 

It has a simple, sleek design and portable size. Easy integration with your smartphone makes it an awesome gadget for your next adventure. And a wonderful gift idea! 

Harry Potters library, Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest schools in Europe, established in the 13th century. The rich history and the highest quality of teaching made it a prestigious school for the best of the best. 

Students dressed in black pristine cloaks rushing through the old mystical hallways do bring something to mind. The resemblance of the University of Coimbra to Hogwarts is definitely hard to ignore. 

It is said the famous library in Coimbra was an inspiration to the one in Harry Potter movies. It is hard to shake off feeling up to no good when stepping into the room. 

The entire campus tour takes us on an incredible journey through history. Make sure to explore the entire grounds with an experienced guide who will answer all your juicy questions. 

Orient Express

The most famous luxury train in the world is a known set in many cinematic moments in the film industry. The story of the train itself is a beautiful tale of industrial power and dreaming big. 

The highest quality of wining and dining on board a legendary train is an experience of a lifetime. Jump on new available routes and combine Europe exploration with Orient Express!

The most popular routes will take you from Paris to Venice, London to Venice, or Paris to Cannes. 

Take a one-way ride to the new destination or enjoy a round trip watching Europe from the comfort of your own luxurious cabin.

Photo Venice Simplon Orient Express

Movie car road trip

Many movies we watch and love include significant car scenes – scenes we never forget. The road trips we see on a big screen can be truly inspiring. 

All those who watched the famous Luis de Funes and his hilarious adventures know the car selection was truly marvelous. 

We invite you to experience a journey in one of the vintage cars throughout French Riviera. 

One of the cars available on the tour is a classic red Fiat 124. You may remember it from a famous chasing scene in The Band (1670) in the very same part of France. 

For the less sporty version, we recommend a romantic evening with a classic Citroën 2CV. Known for its appearance in The Little Bather (1967), this self-guided tour will take you on a beautiful journey through Burgundy. 

The grand finale of a trip is a freshly prepared gourmet picnic you can enjoy in the picturesque scenery suggested by the organizers. 

Check also A Stress-Free Travel Guide: Unwind and Recharge on the Road!

Exciting movie tours 

James Bond mountain hopping Switzerland 

Switzerland is known for its breathtaking views and extraordinary mountain landscape. The natural environment and many secret spots hidden along the way call for adventure for all travelers keen to try something new. 

How about combining the exploration of natural landscape with the style of 007? This fantastic trip takes you to the mountain setting of several James Bond movies. For 6 days straight, you will be seeing the most glorious spots Switzerland has to offer. 

Little something for everyone – beautiful Swiss towns, natural wonders, mountain peaks, and charming lakes. And don’t forget about trying the best local food!

With round-the-clock assistance from the guides, you can take the most out of this holiday and really feel the Swiss spirit – with a pinch of 007. 

Game of Thrones movie set tours

Game of Thrones was filmed in a variety of locations throughout Europe. Each spot is a unique blend of medieval remains, break-taking nature, and modern culture. 

Having a taste of our beloved scenes is a tempting adventure, that needs to be done right. 

We propose guided tours with experienced, passionate people that will make sure you have the time of your life. 


Visit the unforgettable North of the Wall and explore the wonders of nature from a unique perspective. How do you feel about scavenging the area for white walkers from the viewpoint of a… dragon?

Since dragons left Iceland centuries ago, we found the next best thing – a helicopter. Enjoy a private tour of Game of Thrones filming locations straight from the air. Fantastic views and loads of fun are guaranteed!

Basque Country 

The historic community of Basques has a beautiful city and spreads its territory between Spain and France. It is also home to many magical spots from Game of Thrones – and House of Dragon. 

Take a look at this site which lists all the filming spots in the region of Asturias. This comprehensive guide will take you through the narrow sea, fighting scenes, and dragon stone island – with handy restaurant and hotel tips in the area!



The mothership of Game of Thrones set. Croatia is not only a spectacular country with friendly citizens and attractive prices but also a magical world of Kings Landing. 

Immersing in the theme of GoT is more tempting than ever – most of these places are real and lively towns dying to be explored. 

For all the adventure seekers who want to take it all in and travel to Westeros fully packed – we’ve got a perfect idea. All-inclusive, 8-day trip throughout entire Croatia visiting and exploring ALL filming locations of Game of Thrones. 

Professional, awesome guides who are passionate about the landscape and the story will make sure you don’t miss a thing. And of course, have the adventure of a lifetime. 

Photo by Mj on Unsplash

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