Unusual things to do in Georgia

The beautiful, diverse, and often underestimated country of Georgia is the heart of the Caucasus region. Located at the coast of the Black Sea and holds the cultural and historical substance of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Take a journey with us to discover all the natural glory this region has to offer its visitors and take a real-life adventure through its wonderful landscape. 

Cave town

Uplistsikhe (in Georgian meaning “Lord’s fortress”) is a remain of Iron Age city and is continuously a recognized archeological site that sparks interest around the world.

It is an excellent opportunity to explore mysterious huts and caves from the lost city and bask in the glorious mountain landscape throughout the journey.

We recommend Spring or Autumn for a visit as the tour can get quite intense in the full sun. You can get there easily from Gori city either by bike or taxi. 

Wine tour

Lesser known on the European wine scene, Georgia is actually the oldest wine region in the world. With a long and fascinating tradition, they developed unique tastes and intriguing techniques.

Explore the most known wine region of Kakheti with a tour beginning in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Taste the great tradition of grapevine cultivation and winery dating all the way to the VI century.

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Mountain horse-back riding

Discover the rough landscape on the back of the mountain horse, build to graciously pass the toughest spots in the region. The adventure will take you through the rivers, ruins, hills, and hidden trails of the Caucasus. 

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Tbilisi old town

There’s hardly a proper way to narrow down the wonders you can find in the capital of Georgia in just a few sentences. The city was formed for centuries through influences from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The diversity of the region allows everyone to find something for themselves here. Begin the journey by exploring the old town of Tbilisi in this stylish Airbnb situated in the heart of the vibrant center.

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Lagodekhi National Park

Lagodekhi is a natural protected area in the north of Georgia featuring rare flare and fauna and picturesque hiking trails and waterfalls. Take the experience to the fullest and explore the entire area in 3 days sleeping at the shelters on the way.

If you’d rather take a one-day trip, we recommend signing up for a tour with experienced and friendly guides who will show you the wonders of the area.

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River rafting

Take an adventurous route to discover a beautiful Georgian landscape with your family. Several tours allow big groups or individuals to join on the fun tour on beautiful rivers flowing through the mountains.

Pick one of the trips depending on the time, location, the age of your fellow travelers, and start your adventure!

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