Events & Festivals

Find here the most unique and interesting affairs happening on the continent. Discover everything Europe has to offer this year – from cultural events, local festivities, music, and sport all the way through interesting conferences and theme parties.

July 2022

Music & Film

La Traviata, Italy – 2nd of July-1st of September

Arena di Verona hosts each year’s most famous operas in the fresh air. Visitors can enjoy hot summer nights filled with classic performances in Italian, enjoying the air of the beautiful city of Verona and its romantic spirit. We encourage you to check the dates for one of the biggest drama operas ever known, La Traviata – and buy your tickets here!

August 2022

Food & Drink festivals

Stuttgart Wine Festival, Germany – 17th of August-4th of September

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary Wine Village invites visitors from all over the world to pass by through the rich market, and taste endless options until they found the one.

Lakeside food Festival, Switzerland – 26th – 27th of August

A marvelous event set in the glorious alp scenery for all music and food lovers. Enjoy the creative and one-of-a-kind snacks, pastries, and dishes among the beautifully decorated shores of Spiez. Are you a fan of the classics? Enjoy the unforgettable experience of Toto live performance among other fantastic artists! Click here to find more details.

Local festivities

Tomatina Festival, Spain – 31st of August

The famous tomato festivity originated in 1945 when participants of a spontaneous street fight reached for nearby vegetable market carts for weaponry. Year after, the same participants initiated the fight again – this time bringing their own tomatoes from home. This began a yearly tradition in the town of Buñol that is currently a much more friendly and equally fun event – resulting in magnificent tomato debris flowing through the charming city’s streets. Make sure you come prepared – find all the details here!

September 2022

Music & Film

International Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain – 16th -24th of September

This legendary film festival year gathers each year the biggest talents of the movie industry from the entire world. Watch the most inspiring and beautiful productions of the last year and join the screenings in one of the most charming towns in Spain. A fantastic opportunity for all film buffs wanting to explore the exciting world of the Basque country.

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October 2022