Amazing eco-friendly places to stay in Europe

Traveling is a beautiful practice and an amazing reward for all year’s hard work. However, the impact of our footsteps becomes more and more relevant for the safety of our planet. As environmental topics became a part of our daily life, we ought to think about how can we be part of this movement.

After all, the more collective our efforts are the bigger chance we have at becoming climate neutral in the next 20 years. 

Luckily, the tourism industry in Europe responded to the overwhelming ecological threats. There are many opportunities to not only stop bringing harm to the environment but contribute to making it better. Hotels, small rental businesses, farms, and agrotourism spots introduce a new era of hosting travelers fighting over the most relevant eco-friendly certificates possible.

One of the most important ones is called EcoLabel. Introduced already in 1992, EU EcoLabel is a prestigious and reliable title that endorses the ecological efforts of the business. 

With the current levels of air pollution in Europe and raising environmental concerns, it is vital that we travel responsibly. When looking for accommodation, this kind of certificate is a solid indication of sustainability.

Remember, EcoLabel is, although valid and trustworthy, not the only proof of environmentally friendly activities. 

Isn’t it a thrilling thought to not only reduce your carbon footprint during traveling but to actually make a valid contribution to the environment? We think so! Check our top choices for a truly magical eco-friendly stay. It will let you travel and explore the continent with a sense of environmental achievement. 

True luxury

Lefay Resorts is an Italian hotel chain with two prime locations – Garda lake and the heart of Dolomites. They are definitely from the higher, more luxurious price shelf. Besides the highest standard and unique design, I can argue it is partially justified. 

Photo Lefay Resorts, Dolomites

Lefay is a brand focused on high-quality, eco friendly sustainable tourism. Both resorts hold most of the relevant certificates issued by the Italian Ministry of the environment. They actively participate in a variety of ecological projects.

The daily operations are dictated by the wide range of environmental goals that Lefay lives by. Among them are water use reduction, thorough waste disposal management, reducing plastic usage, purchasing food products from the local eco-farms, and implementing modern energy systems. 

Lefay is introducing daily ecological practices as a new tourism standard. The resorts also take part in even bigger initiatives related to poverty, hunger, gender equality, biodiversity, and nature conservation.

They promote these projects among their visitors, staff, and online presence as well as donate money to a variety of national and international organizations fighting for a better world. 

Photo Lefay Resorts, lake Garda

Besides an impressive portfolio of environmental initiatives, there are other elements of the extravagant price and the uniqueness of the resorts. Each suite is carefully designed with a lot of natural elements in a very modern and comfortable way.

Bright and spacious rooms provide incredible views of the region around. With excellent SPA on the premises, gourmet food, and staff that will go out of their way to help you arrange the best possible stay and experiences. This is a true gem on the sustainable travel map of Europe. 

If you wish to experience the highest standard of accommodation and explore one of the most amazing regions of Italy, book your stay today!


 My beautiful home country of Poland, although wounded by historical struggles, is a land of everything traveler seeks in their journey. Spectacular mountainous landscape in the south and a dreamy coastline with beaches and port cities in the north.

Multiple lake districts known as magical sailing spots, and old towns filled with fascinating history spread around its borders. All this with unique food choices and prices still below the European standard. I encourage everyone to get to know this mysterious country and its complex culture. 


A beautiful family-owned historical estate is located in one of the sunniest parts of Poland. The forestry area of Roztocze lures international guests with a magnificent realm of adventure.

Beautiful hiking trails, endless cycling roads, and spectacular views sugar-coated with solitude bliss. The 19th-century manor house is connected with an ecological vineyard and organic farm. The hotel offers plenty of room for its visitors, without the risk of overcrowding. 


Dwór Sanna is a family business run by passionate people eager to provide sustainable service and unforgettable experiences. If local wine tasting directly from the family-owned vineyard, budget-friendly stay, delicious food straight from the farm and lovely landscape isn’t enough, here’s some more.

The estate is surrounded by a gorgeous historical park perfect for taking long walks in nature passing by friendly farm animals. It’s also a perfect place for children to enjoy a slide park and horse rides around the vineyard.

If you’re a fan of fishing, enjoy a sweet spot for relaxation. Should you catch anything, the hosts will help you prepare it the very same day for you to enjoy your victory in the regional flavors. 

Island life

Croatia is a diverse country with magnificent architecture that Brough us Game of Thrones unique landscape and an interesting place to spend the holidays. Much more budget-friendly than its Italian neighbor, yet with a similar coastline and friendly demeanor of its citizens. 

Drone shot of Vis island coastline

Eco insula, located on the small yet magnificently rich island of Vis is a fascinating place. Despite a great number of exciting things to do on such a small island, you can feel the mellow and relaxed atmosphere around. Recent military activities from the 60s kept the island away from growing tourism leaving it as an untouched diamond of the Croatian landscape.

You can still find abandoned army bases around the island. Be sure it is currently a peaceful place that is safe to visit. You can relax on the beautiful beaches, explore the caves, snorkel, and take walks around the gorgeous town of Vis.

Or maybe you are looking for a more active approach? In this case, you can try climbing, hiking, sailing, or paragliding. The island offers little something for every type of traveler.

Scenic island of Vis waterfront, Dalmatia, Croatia

The owners of Eco Insula are passionate about their homeland and eager to provide their guests with the very best and rich experience on the premise. Beautifully located just outside of Komiža’s old town, the comfortable suites give you great proximity to the harbor and the coast.

Insula belongs to the prestigious ecobnb community and was awarded by Dalmatia Green regional certificate.

Their efforts to keep the environment clean and healthy consist of energy efficiency, a thorough recycling process, no plastic usage, organic food, and supporting local manufacturers. They’ll be more than happy to share with you all the ecologically friendly activities you can experience throughout your stay. 

City break

Among the European community, the Netherlands gained a strong reputation for being an incredibly well-organized and clean country. They are known for their amazing architecture and impressive artistic heritage.

Amsterdam, being so well located among its neighbors is a common destination for a quick city break. The capital is a fascinating city full of surprises and an impressive artistic heritage around every corner.

Often referred to as “Venice of the North” the city is home to complex canal systems and, much like Venice, can be explored via little boat. 

Photo by Azhar J on Unsplash

To enjoy this marvelous city in the best way possible, consider staying in one of the Conscious Hotels chains. Located in the artistic district, Museum Square Amsterdam is a lovely hotel run by passionate people devoted to caring for their guests as well as the planet.

The general practices incorporated in the daily operations are thoroughly executed by their staff. The long list involves recycling and reusing materials, biodegradable furniture, limiting plastic usage, and only organic products in the kitchen.

Hotel staff, much like the entire country of Netherlands, promotes using bikes instead of cars or public transport. 

Photo Museum Square Hotel

Being a true cultural hub, the hotel is surrounded by fantastic attractions including Van Gogh Museum, Rijks Museum, and Diamond Museum. The endless narrow streets are filled with coffee shops and unique food choices.

The area surrounding the hotel will fill your time during a weekend getaway, however, you can always rent bikes in the hotel anytime you want and begin the green exploration further away.

Historical place

Lake Constance is a unique, beautiful place that binds together Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. The complex biodiversity of the lake makes it the most relevant water body ecosystem in Central Europe.

Constance is a natural body of water and a home to flourishing flora and fauna. Increasing tourism in the area influenced the environment of the area greatly.

The travel industry began to pay closer attention to the ecological challenges of the region. It’s a big step in ecological history and great news for frequent tourists wishing to examine this fantastic place. 

Photo Schloss Wartegg

Historical Schloss (the German word for castle) Wartegg Hotel located on the Swiss part of the lake is a holder of renowned EcoLabel. They are dedicated to caring for the biodiversity of the region and executing environmentally-friendly practices.

The list of their ecological efforts is long and impressive, so be sure to check it out here! Their activities involve organic certified ingredients, seed cultivation, beekeeping, supporting local merchants, recycling, and using bio and natural gases. 

Photo Schloss Wartegg

Let’s get to the fun part! The Wartegg hotel dates all the way to the 16th century, making it an extraordinary place to stay. With its own modern SPA with a historical addition of a Turkish bath, the hotel treats its guests with a marvelous relaxation area.

Count in amazing musical events trips to the Mainau island on the lake or discovery of the Constance area as part of your stay. The staff is there to suggest all the best activities for solo travelers, couples, and families with children. 


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