Most unusual bars in Europe

For many of us, bars and pubs aren’t just hollow spaces to drown the sorrows or celebrate surviving the week all the way up to Thursday.

They are social constructs, fun things to do, even cultural expression, and, especially during our world journeys, a whole fantastic experience.

These liquor establishments have been selected from hundreds of thousands of options in entire Europe.

The most unique, beautiful, odd, funny, breathtaking, and enjoyable bars to visit. Each bar is an entirely new world you’ll get to discover, with a fun cocktail in your hand and a head full of dreams. 

The Abyss Bar, Italy

Photo The Abyss Bar

Milan is a vibrant city, the fashion capital of Europe, a modern and fast-paced city refined with the old architecture and memoirs of the magnificent Leonardo da Vinci. The glamour style of the city offers a wide variety of establishments for worldwide travelers to explore.

Among them, there is a very unique bar that differs from everything you can find in the city of Milan. Inspired by the Nordic sea monster, pub Abyss offers its visitors one of a kind cocktail experience in a mysterious Kraken world. Amazing atmosphere, creative drinks, and monstrous design guarantee absolutely remarkable experience! 

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Clapham Bar, England

Photo Cocktail Club London

With a city as versatile as London, you can expect anything when planning your trip to the land of Harry Potter.

Watering holes are an integral part of British culture and social life and their significance and remarkable reputation for a great time are known throughout the entire world.

For all the pub enthusiasts who enjoy mixing it up, London Cocktail Club introduces a fantastic bar in the theme of the most popular Sci-Fi franchise among other legendary blockbuster movies.

Combining an exciting world of Star Wars with a classic setup of a classic film masterpiece such as Titanic or Pulp Fiction promises an amazing night ahead of you. Don’t forget to book your booth ahead!

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Lebowski Bar, Iceland

Photo Lebowski Bar

Another item on the list that also speaks loud to cinematography enthusiasts. While exploring a fantastic land of extraordinary nature and nordic culture, stop by a fantastic establishment designed and inspired by Big Lebowski’s film.

Enter the world of “The Dude” and enjoy a fantastic evening in one of the four areas of the bar, each with a different theme.

Among many amazing experiences awaiting you are delicious burgers from the 50s American diner, a huge selection of the signature White Russian cocktail, or enjoying the evening in the 60s Playboy lounge. 

Red Frog, Portugal

Photo Red Frog

The extraordinary atmosphere of the Portuguese capital can sweep off the feet of any traveler – with its fabulous food, the advantages of the vibrant city combined with the beach landscape, and fascinating culture.

While exploring a fantastic historical part of the city, the scenery changes rapidly when you knock on a little, almost hidden old door, unsuspiciously blended in an ocean of buildings alike.

Once that door is opened, you’ll be greeted by remarkably dressed staff that will lead you to a table right in the middle of a New York prohibition-era speakeasy bar. You can enjoy the beautiful design combined with delicious drinks in an authentic way – fortunately, as the bar is hidden in the basement of the building, there won’t be any phone reception available.

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Bar Museum, Switzerland

Photo Museum HR Giger Bar

When you’re thinking about Switzerland, many things come to mind – incredible mountain landscape, luxurious skiing resorts, fondue, political neutrality, charming rivers, or maybe a reliable banking system.

Idyllic medieval towns such as Gruyères can greatly surprise you and your fellow traveler with more than picturesque hiking trails, charming cobblestone streets, and magical castles. Step into something more than a bar, a true piece of art inspired by the unforgettable The Alien movie masterpiece. 

Skyline Bar 20up, Germany

Photo Skyline Bar 20up

Have you ever wondered where our beloved burgers originated from? Where did the love affair of a juicy beef patty, melting cheese and crispy bun begin their journey? You are correct! It obviously began its course in American diners around the 1870s, but the name is related to the German city of Hamburg.

This exciting port city is known for interesting monuments, fascinating history, gorgeous views at every corner, and of course, the vibrant nightlife. Among a huge selection of bars, clubs, and pubs, there is one that stands out. A fabulous, decadent, exciting Skyline Bar grants the best views in town and exotic cocktails prepared to the highest standard. 

Medieval Tavern, Czech Republic

Photo Medieval Tavern

Friendly, relaxed people walk by the charming streets of the old town, with exciting pubs, international cuisine, affordable prices, and famously delicious beers. That’s right, we are in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

Amazing sightseeing scenery in close proximity for further European exploration, this gorgeous city with incredible history has a lot to offer. If you wish to travel even more back in time while enjoying a cold ale, take a stroll down the historic center and visit a Medieval Tavern with authentic experience and, if you’re lucky, a historic show playing at night. 


  1. What a fabulous selection of bars to visit, I Love the speakeasy bar in Portugal…that looks amazing. Thanks for sharing will be adding some of these to the DO list

  2. Cath Carreon

    This list is incredible! I can’t believe that these bars exist and I think they are really worth a visit. I found Bar Museum, Switzerland, the most fascinating one!

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