Unique places for a pet-friendly trip

There is nothing better than bringing to your home a new sweet barking addition. However great, a dog is a great responsibility and can be a hassle for frequent travellers. The dog hotel industry is flourishing across the world – but not every owner wishes to leave their loved one behind in such establishment. Some of us decide to find a way to take our dog on an adventure and make sure they are safe and enjoying themselves. It can be done! Take a look at one of the most interesting places to stay in Europe that will pamper you and your dog like never before.

Bohinj, Slovenia

Bohinj lake is one of the top travel destinations in Slovenia. It charms its guests with breathtaking nature sites, picturesque landscape and endless activities for all kinds of travellers. What people may not know about it is that it’s also a perfect spot for four-legged travel scene. There are not only lots of accommodation choices that are dog friendly – check out our favourite here! – majority of restaurants welcome dogs onto their premises, providing water bowls and lots of loving attention. You can access all the attractions with your dog, including our top choice hiking trails – here and here.Your furry companion is also welcome on a boat if you wish to explore the Bohinj lake. 

Blaison, France 

Enchanting bed and breakfast peacefully situated just by the river set on a picturesque landscape.    The staff welcomes all furry companions free of charge (up to two dogs per room) providing water and food bowls, towels and special sheet for the bed. There are additionally charged grooming services, as well as walking and day care, however we can assure you that the entire area is very pet-friendly – according to the European statistics, French people are, next to Italians, one of the most dog welcoming nations. The new trend of building designated dog parks in large French cities and the biggest amount of dog friendly hotels speaks for itself. 

Kae Island, Greece

Agrikea hotel is another delightful spot on the map – not only because the staff welcomes with open arms all the dogs (up to two dogs with max weight of 40 kilos each!), but admittedly it is a an exceptional place to stay. With Kae island still being one of the mysterious ones in the greek archipelagos, it is a perfect excuse to explore it from situated on 4km above the sea level among the hills design hotel. Do not worry about the secluded location – there is a free of charge shuttle service on the premises that will take you and you furry friend to the beach or nearby town.

Staffolo, Italy

What if you can go for a SPA excursion and not having to leave your dog behind? And what if you can both have the time of your life there? Visit a gorgeous eco-friendly hotel on top of Italian hills and give your furry companion something to wiggle his tail about. Or them… there is no limit of dogs per room! The hotel will provide them with place to sleep, water/food bowls, snacks and treats, dog sitting, dog walking and veterinary care if needed. There is an area on the premise where they can play leash-free while you’re getting a massage or sitting in a jacuzzi contemplating getting another dog. 

Gabicce Mare, Italy

Hotel Nord Est is one of a kind establishment that welcomes dog owners with a daily dog care, place to sleep, contact to a veterinarian close by and a small pools specifically for dogs to bathe and play on a hot day. Discover this charming sea town with a peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of and by your side. It’s an amazing place to unwind, enjoy the peaceful sounds of Adriatic sea hitting the beach (a dog-friendly beach!) and the steaming pasta on every corner.

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