April 2023

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Valentine's Day travel deals

For all those planning to step into a romantic adventure this year, booking.com prepared irresistible travel deals. Book your trip in advance and enjoy this special day... for less.


First Ever Travel Trivia Is Finally Available For Purchase

You can now explore the mysteries of Europe in a form of a trivia! Put it on your computer, phone or TV and play the ultimate game for travellers. WARNING: It may inspire users to book their next trip promptly.


Hotel of the week

This week we want to honour with special attention a marvellous, yet hidden gem in Austrian Alps. MOHR Life Resort offers its guest a truly fairytale-like stay with panoramic view of the mountains and unique style of the interiors. If you fancy a yoga class while facing the green fields and mountain peeks, wellness treatments, hiking, biking, golfing; all culminated with the most delicate and rich culinary flavours - book your stay today!

Fun Travel Fact of the day

In 1871 Lucy Walker became the first woman to ever reach the top of the Matterhorn while racing and defeating her fellow rival in the claim to the title. She did all that wearing a flannel skirt, equipped with nothing but determination.

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Get to know Europe from new perspective

Where to travel in Europe this winter?

Weather in Europe can be truly capricious. Spending a couple of hours in the car can lead to utterly different climates and surroundings. I guess that’s part of the magic of this rich and mysterious continent. Each month can rapidly change certain destinations into a whole other world. Given the opportunity, we can explore each place from a whole new perspective. Let’s dive into an ultimate guide to the most mesmerizing places during European winter! Click on the title to read more.

how to find eco-friendly places to stay in Europe?

Traveling is a beautiful practice and an amazing reward for all year’s hard work. However, the impact of our footsteps becomes more and more relevant for the safety of our planet. As environmental topics became a part of our daily life, we ought to think about how can we be part of this movement. After all, the more collective our efforts are the bigger chance we have at becoming climate neutral in the next 20 years. Luckily, the tourism industry in Europe responded to the overwhelming ecological threats.

Where to Travel Next in 2023

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